Thursday, April 5, 2012

People Who Are Already Successful Join Arbonne

Doctors, Lawyers and Arbonne-Oh My!!

I've read on numerous blogs and Product Testimonial pages where people have stated, "If these Consultants were successful, they wouldn't have to Join Arbonne." Funny that they say that considering some of my team members happen to be Doctors, Tv-stars and wives of Tv-stars. So, I ask you this. Why do successful people, who already have an endless amount of income join a company like Arbonne? The Answer is simple, We offer a supreme product worth getting paid for! Why just buy the products when you can make a substantial income using and selling the products!

Sue Cassidy, Wife of 70's pop star David Cassidy is an Executive National Vice President with Arbonne.

 "I live a dream life. I have been with my husband, entertainer, David Cassidy, for 22 years. I am a successful songwriter, an author, an instrument-rated pilot. I have traveled the world, founded a children’s charity and I have had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom with our 17-year old son, Beau. So why in the world would I ever want to do this business?"

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Miranda Burcham (NBC's Biggest Loser Trainer) is an Executive National Vice President with Arbonne. 

"I recently heard a reality show finalist say that singing is what he was born to do, he just never knew how to get there. That is exactly how I feel about Arbonne. Arbonne has helped me grasp my dreams. I have dreamed about owning my time, being home with my children, inspiring others with meaningful opportunities, taking vacations and giving abundantly to others. I just never knew how to get there … until Arbonne. Now I am living out my dreams. My life is exciting and so blessed. Not only do I get to make an income that I never dreamed of making, while having the time to do what I want to do, I get to help others do the same. That is my favorite thing about this business. I get to teach and train others to have this same freedom."

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Dr. Laura Fortner (a full-time obstetrician) is a National Vice President with Arbonne.

"As a full-time obstetrician, Dr. Laura Fortner of Navarre, Ohio worked 60–80 hours a week and provided a generous income for her family … but she was missing out on her children’s lives. She found an unexpected opportunity to gain the freedom she desired with Arbonne."

Barbara Vacketta (Lawyer) Is a Regional Vice President with Arbonne. 

"What is the vision you have for your life? What are the dreams and goals you have for yourself or your family? Do you have a plan to attain them or, have you forgotten how to dream because you are mired in the reality of daily life? Arbonne has allowed me to reshape the vision I have for my family and myself, and to dream bigger than ever before. The same is happening for many others who are joining me on my Arbonne journey."

I could show you plenty more stories and testimonials as to why Successful People join Arbonne. Why they believe and know how amazing the opportunity is and how wonderful your life can be when you join. But I think keeping this blog post simple would be best. Feel free to post your comments and questions. If you want to join my team, follow the link below. 

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