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Celebrities and Models talking about ARBONNE

Every year Arbonne saves millions of dollars by refusing to pay for Advertising. The only way to find out about Arbonne is through word of mouth and it can only be purchased through Independent Consultants. 

Did you know that Halle Berry is paid $50 Million per year to Advertise for Revlon? And what do you think are the chances that Halle Berry is walking into CVS and spending $3 on an eyeshadow?

All of the money Arbonne saves in cutting out the middlemen (Advertising, wholesalers, distributors, retailers) goes back into Research and Development, that is why our products are hands down better than anything else on the market. This is also why Arbonne can afford to pay their Independent Consultants such high salaries! We have the #1 compensation plan of any other Network Marketing company in the nation.

However, you WILL see Arbonne in magazines in Ads talked about by celebrities as TESTIMONIALS! We do not pay for them! These are real people, using our products, and loving them so much that they can't stop talking about them. 

We were in/on

The Regis & Kelly Show in June 2006
Oprah Magazine in May 2007
Oxygen magazine in June 2007
Success from Home magazine in June 2007
Empowering Women magazine in August 2007! Cover to cover Arbonne!
Redbook in Feb 2008
Men's Health in August 2011
Huffington Post in Sept 2011
AOL Shopping in Dec 2011
Twin Cities Live in June 2011
iVillage in Jul 2011
Easy Eats Magazine in Jan 2012
MAKING MONEY MAGAZINE in March 2012 in March 2012
USA Today in April 2012
Marie Claire in April 2012 in April 2012
Voxxi in April 2012
Natural Health in April 2012


Also, we are the #1 Skincare Company recommended by the American Modeling Association! Amazing!

"I'm the current President of the American Modeling Association and Arbonne products are endorsed by the past five Presidents of our association. Arbonne has the best skin care and cosmetics in the world! Their products work great for teens with acne or mature models with anti-aging needs. Arbonne is famous for giving models 'picture-perfect' skin!" 

Easy Eats Magazine: Arbonne Cosmetics Triple Action Mascara Featured Online
Arbonne's Triple Action Mascara is featured in the Natural Beauty section of Easy Eats, an all-digital food and lifestyle magazine that challenges the traditional approach of what it means to be gluten free. Check out page 16 in the January/February 2012 issue!

Nutritionist Christine Avanti Uses RE9 Advanced Cleanser And Serum
New Beauty magazine's Spring-Summer issue, page 41, includes celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti sharing her love of Arbonne RE9 Advanced cleanser and serum. Both products are part of the 39-year-old's everyday skin routine.

Lash Enhancer Featured On Twin Cities Live
Minnesota Monthly Magazine's Style Editor, Katie Dohman, recently appeared on Twin Cities Live to chat about a new treatment called a "Lash Dip." In addition to her review of the treatment, Katie provided the audience with her at-home recommendations for adding volume and increasing lash length. One of her top four picks was the Arbonne Lash Enhancer!

Dr. Adnan Nasir Recommends Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Shave Gel In Men's Health
 Dr. Adnan Nasir, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of North Carolina, the director of dermatology at Wake Research Associates and Expert Advisor to Men's Health magazine, recommends Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Shave Gel for keeping one's face smooth. Dr. Nasir touts the use of antioxidants in the Shave Gel, which reduce damage to collagen that in turn helps to prevent wrinkles. To read additional Skin Saver advice from Dr. Nasir, pick up the August 2011 edition of Men's Health magazine.

Arbonne's FC5 Featured In Divine Caroline's Clean And Green Roundup
 Arbonne's FC5 products were selected as a "best natural skincare line" on Divine Caroline, a member web site dedicated to women that reaches 750,000 unique visitors each month. To read the entire article, please visit

 Arbonne's New Mascara: Featured on Short & Sweet NYC
 An Arbonne Triple Action Mascara review recently pumped up the volume on Short & Sweet NYC. To check out the review editor's musings, please visit

Arbonne Cosmetics: Spotlighted in Zooey Magazine
 If you are paging through the May 2011 edition of Zooey Magazine, be sure to stop on page 10. Arbonne's eye shadow is featured in the Eco Products round-up. To find out where you can purchase Zooey, please visit

 RE9 Advanced ... Being Seen ... In New Beauty Magazine!
 New Beauty magazine's Spring-Summer issue, page 41, includes celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti sharing her love of Arbonne RE9 Advanced cleanser and serum. Both products are part of the 39-year-old's everyday skin routine. This issue of "the world's most unique beauty magazine" is on newsstands today!

Positively Beautiful: Arbonne Essentials Featured On Blissfully Domestic
 One popular beauty news website says Arbonne nutritional products help promote inner beauty. To read the article, log on to:

Arbonne Donates $100,000 to American Red Cross
 On behalf of all of our global Arbonne Independent Consultants and corporate team members, Arbonne made a donation of $100,000 to the American Red Cross/Disaster Relief Services fund. This organization responded quickly when the devastating Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami struck northern Japan on March 11, 2011. These funds will help support the vital human services the Red Cross provides when and where needed most, around the world. Arbonne is proud to continue its corporate partnership with the American Red Cross this year, and our thoughts are with those affected by the PacificTsunami. To make a personal donation, please visit

Arbonne Essentials: Reviewed & Approved!
 Katie Talks About tried some of Arbonne's nutritional products and really impressed. To view the entire review, please visit

MissMaven "Picks" The RE9 Advanced Supplement
 MissMaven, a beauty and fashion blog, recently compared two anti-aging supplements and the winner was ... Arbonne RE9 Advanced! Read more @

Total Beauty Awards: Help Arbonne Take Home A Prize!
 The RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque is nominated for a Total Beauty Reader's Choice Award! To cast your vote, log on to Voting ends March 31, and winners will be announced on April 7.

Arbonne: Shining Star @ 2011 Oscars Gifting Lounge!
 Check out Arbonne's Facebook page, in the photos section, for the Oscars Gifting Suite 2011 photo album to see who stopped by (Jane Lynch, William Shatner and more) and picked up their very own RE9 Advanced Travel Kit! And read all of the "Suite" Tweets archived at

Pick up a copy of USA TODAY and read for yourself why RIGHT NOW is the time for Arbonne. We are the business of the 21st century. Entrepreneurs wanted.

FC5 Reviewed & Approved 
 The team at, the number one beauty community on Facebook, took five FC5 products out for a spin. The result? A luxurious recommendation! To read the full review, please visit

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