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A Home Based Business Worth The Initial Investment

What Sets Arbonne Apart

 Arbonne is dedicated to bringing beauty, health and prosperity into your life, and the lives of others. Ask Yourself this If you continue to do what you have been doing, where do you see yourself in five years? How are you going to get there? My answers to those questions were frightening, which is why I'm glad I joined Arbonne. I'm relieved to know that I will continue to succeed in this company and the fear of losing my job is no longer an issue. Listed below are all of the reasons why Arbonne is the wave of the future and if you haven't gotten on board yet, I sure hope you do after reading this.

Arbonne is a viable solution:

• Minimal start-up costs

• Can be built alongside your current profession

• Great income potential

Arbonne has:

  • Unparalleled products
  • A strong supportive community 
  • A generous compensation plan that includes: A Company car (White Mercedes Benz) Trip incentives, Tiffany @Co. Jewelry, Coach Hand Bags  and more

Arbonne meets all four key factors in network marketing: 

1. Demand — The beauty industry is booming. People need health and wellness products.

2. Consumable — A product should be bought often.

Arbonne offers high-end, but affordable, consumable products.

3. Timing and Trends — A business should be favoured by market trends.

4. Leveraging — A business should demand only flexible time.

What’s important to you... 

• Freedom and flexibility?

• Spending time with family?

• Helping other people?

• Being debt-free?

• Retirement savings?

• A diversified financial portfolio?

• Vacation and travel?

Ability to leverage your time

When you work just 10 hours a week and find four Consultants to do the same, you can potentially

benefit from 50 hours of earning power.

Building a team helps you to create the security and flexibility people are looking for today.

We teach and train people

 The benefits of using botanically based products

 How they may purchase at a discount

 How to earn additional income

With Arbonne products, you can see the difference.

 Results you can see are results you can believe

 Arbonne focuses on improvement in beauty you can see

 Results in appearance, results in health

And with the results of the Arbonne opportunity, you can change more  than your appearance. 

You can change your life.

Annual Average Compensation 

Consultant* $294.62/quarter

District Manager $823.84/quarter

Area Manager $4,285.47/quarter

Regional Vice President $15,543.41/quarter

National Vice President $43,414.36/quarter

The Arbonne Promise: 

To deliver pure, safe and beneficial products in line with our botanical tradition.

Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:
• Animal products or animal by-products
• Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
• Petroleum-based ingredients
oo Benzene
oo Mineral Oil
oo Petrolatum
oo Phthalates
oo Toluene

Ingredient Policy

PURE: Arbonne is committed to the development of unparalleled products free of harmful
Ingredients, using a combination of botanical principles and scientific discovery. Our ingredients
Meet or exceed industry standards for purity.

SAFE: We review our ingredients and our formulas based on the most objective, conclusive,
Scientifically supported sources available.

BENEFICIAL: We employ consumer and clinical testing to reinforce our research and ensure
Our proprietary formulas deliver unparalleled performance.

Three Ways To Join Arbonne

• Join the Arbonne family and receive Client benefits, including:

 Botanically based skin care, cosmetics and health and wellness products.

 Excellent customer service and convenient delivery.

 Product gifts for referrals and hosting get-togethers.

Preferred Client

• Join the Arbonne family as a Preferred Client and receive the same benefits as a Client, plus:

 Enjoy a 20% discount off the suggested retail price on all products.

 Access to ongoing product specials and other monthly promotions.

 Product gifts for referrals and hosting get-togethers.

 Earn additional income when you participate in the arbonne Success Plan.

 The opportunity to advance to Consultant status.

Independent Consultant

• Join the Arbonne family as a Consultant and receive the same benefits as a Preferred Client, plus:

 Enjoy a 35% discount off the suggested retail price on all products.

 Unlimited income potential

Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program

Support, training and achievement recognition and awards

Opportunities to earn exciting trips and other benefits based on your success in the business

Arbonnes' RE9 featured in  Forbes Magazine

Are You Ready To Join: Become An Independent Consultant OR Shop Online and Save

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr. Matravers left AVEDA for ARBONNE

                                        Informative and Entertaining

I could give you a million reasons why I love this company so much and why I'm so passionate about my Home Based Business, but I'd rather show you some informative information instead. After watching this, decide for yourself if this company would be the right fit for you. 

Dr. Matravers (He is the man that took Aveda from a $50 million company to a $700 million company.) left AVEDA  for ARBONNE because of ARBONNE's Reputation... This man knows how to get results! GOOGLE HIM!!! After clinical studies, 100% of subjects say they would recommend RE9 to their friends and family (NEVER before has this been seen in Peter's entire history of product development). Our RE9 CELLULAR RENEWAL CREAM, teamed together with UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRAN is being recognized on stage at the next World Conference for Dermatologists.  .. LISTEN AND LEARN 

On December 1, 2008 Arbonne International welcomed Peter Matravers to the Arbonne family as Vice President, Product Development. Peter, who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, will be guiding your Product Development and Regulatory teams as they work to create extraordinary and innovative products for Arbonne.

Peter has more than 25 years of skin care and consumer product development experience, including 13 years as the Vice President of Research & Development at Aveda (an Estée Lauder brand) and has supported the success of several other major name brands including Neutrogena and International Playtex. During his exceptional career, Peter has effectively organized a diverse, multidisciplinary process integrating botanical research, perfumery, formulation, regulatory, consumer insight testing and green technologies into product development. His accomplishments include proprietary ingredient development, creative formulations and new methodologies in product performance testing. Peter is the recipient of over 20 U.S. and international patents in these areas. His leadership brings a fresh and experienced new focus and even closer collaboration among all of you who work to introduce cutting–edge, effective products to your Consultants and Clients.

Would you like to be apart of ARBONNE? Contact Me Or Sign up Online

Monday, March 19, 2012

False Claims, Fake Clients and The Facts

                                                 Call, Schedule and Cancel

BEWARE-There are people out there posting, trolling and calling with an axe to grind. I've heard stories over the years about friends who have opened up different kinds of businesses whether it'd be a Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Cosmetic booth or other. When a new business pops up right across the street or down the street from a like business, prepare yourself for a possible SABOTAGE.

A friend of mine, who will remain nameless, opened a new hair salon a block and a half from another salon. She didn't think anything of it... not even a thought about the fact that the other salon might try something nasty. The fear of losing clients to this new establishment less than 2 blocks away resulted in a series of unethical acts I like to call "Call, Schedule and Cancel."

In the beginning it's always hard to build up your business and your cliental, regardless of the type of business you're in. I know this very well because I've dealt with the same issues at my new dental practice. Building a business from the ground up takes time, patience and money. But never did I think I would have to factor in sabotage, fake scheduled calls and cancellations.

Two weeks ago my friend brought it to my attention that before she had placed ads in the local papers or put up flyers she started receiving calls. Of course these "clients" could have been a passerbyes looking to try a new salon. But the shocking reality is that her books were filled within hours of opening and the next morning not a single soul passed through her doors. Strange? I think so. She tried calling some of the people back to reschedule their appointments and faced fax lines, non working numbers and hang ups.

It was like a light bulb went off in her head.

Could it be possible that the other salon is calling and scheduling fake appointments just to sabotage her new business?! Definitely Possible!

Good thing she called me! I love to investigate and wanted to find out for myself if this happens at other businesses (for all I know people could even be sabotaging me and my business at this very moment). I've come to find out that sabotage is incredible common. In addition to scheduling fake appointments, some try to create a negative reputation for competitors both by word of mouth and online! It's there way to discredit the business, make the average consumer a believer in false claims and drive their competitors possible consumer/client elsewhere. BRILLIANT!  It sickens me to know that people are and can be that evil. They feel the need to put down and/or ruin someone else's establishment. But I guess that's just another part of life I need to learn to factor in.

Don't always believe what you read online, do some research on your own! The REAL truth is out there, you just need to know where to look.

              A Few Examples Of My Business Being Sabotaged


"Every ingredient listed on Arbonne’s skin lotion has been tested on animals by the people who supply their raw materials." Beauty/Brains *That's a FALSE Claim amongst others on their site!


 Arbonne is on PETA's list of companies who DO NOT test on Animals PETA's Site  Did you Know-Beauty and Brains gets paid by advertisers to promote their products? Arbonne doesn't PAY for advertising (So, why would they promote a product they can't and don't benefit from?!)

Redirecting The Consumer
Kristen F- "Well ladies, I don't know much about Arbonne mineral makeup, but I do know about Mary Kay makeup. I'm a consulant and I would love to share my products with you. I have a website where you can look at my products and let me know what you would like to try. I'll send you some samples and we'll go from there!!

Blatant disregard to the fact that the forum is Designed for Arbonne Product Testimonials!! Her way of trying to trick the consumer into purchasing a product that is "familiar" everyone has heard of Mary Kay (a.k.a. Trolling)

Tricking, Trolling and Redirecting The Consumer

1. China Rican 3 years ago  "Def Avon, Affordable and they offer more then just makeup http://christinarosa.avonrepresentative.… That is were I go all the time to get what I need." 
2. Darla Dixon June 29, 2005 12:09 PM |
Oh Joel, I'm sorry I forgot...if your wife likes Arbonne, then give a try. Similar products @ 1/2 the price

China- She posts her own website as the "place" were she gets her products! You're not just a consumer, you're a seller hiding behind your computer and a screen name. 

Darla(aka Paula)- Her products are no where near in comparison to Arbonne's Products. Where is your ingredient list? (Your product is cheaper because its full of "Fillers"

(Couldn't have said this better myself)

Andrew GApprentice said on March 01, 2012 

"Oops... Danika, you lied! Your bias isn't about greenwashing!! You're selling your own skin care line!
Before you discredit Arbonne consultants [not reps... stop using the wrong word] for their own bias, LIVE UP TO YOUR OWN!! Your company should be BANNING you for linking a blog to your own personal skincare website!! Shame on you. Blatant advertising. Talk about self-interest... At least with Arbonne, we have ETHICS. We don't go around slamming other companies in public forums, dressing it up in pretty language and "feeling sorry for" Arbonne consultants, and then posting a link to our own business. Don't pity us - We don't need it.
That's all this is! Stop asking this woman to go through Arbonne ingredients... you'll just be feeding the lie."

Arbonne doesn't hide behind false claims, the ingredients are clearly listed for every product on the site. Ingredient Policy.pdf  All of the products ingredients can be searched and found here:
Click on "The Products" on the top left of the screen and you will see this list. 

Click on the PRODUCT LINE (FC5, Detox, ETC) Then The Specific PRODUCT (Shampoo, lotion, etc)Then INGREDIENTS. ARBONNE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE!

Or you can click on the direct links I provided for you below:











Health & Wellness




I'm saddened by the state of free speech and the stalk given to "experts" on blogs and other forums. This gives such a small picture of what Arbonne has to offer. I know I'm biased. My question is - What more to the story AREN'T they telling you? We need to stop bashing companies on public forums such as the ones listed above, it's extremely unethical.

Whenever you grind things down to bare bones as many people try to do on these Blogs (Not scientific journal, not thesis, not scientific research.) you get a heavy slant. You ignore some things and promote others as if that's all there is. When SWITZERLAND and the public demands a change based on scientific research, Arbonne has answered, such as with paraben removal and I have no doubt science will advance, the scientific community will make new discoveries, and changes will be made. 

Arbonne is Swiss, it doesn't pay to join American organizations because, well, Swiss standards are way higher - so why would Arbonne lower itself to those levels? By the same breathe, why would Arbonne sign with Compact for Safe Cosmetics? Is this organization going to be the be-all and end-all? I have yet to hear anyone acknowledge that US standards are poor in comparison.

For those who wonder at quality - I ask you this... when you pay $20 or $40 for skincare at a drug store and you know it's been heavily advertised on TV etc... what is the manufacturing value? You know the advertisers, models and actors  take a cut and how long has it been sitting on the shelf?! The kind of quality Arbonne delivers can only be found at Holt Renfrew for an estimated $3,000 but Arbonne knows most people can't afford that.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Arbonne Opportunity – Arbonne Consultant

How often are you offered the opportunity to make money, make a difference and have fun … all on your own terms?
Arbonne Independent Consultants believe in the Arbonne products and vision, and enjoy the flexibility of a business tailored around their lives — not the other way around.
Arbonne Independent Consultants achieve success in 4 ways:

1. Through retail profit on sales of products purchased at discounted prices from Arbonne.
2. Through commissions, overrides and bonuses paid on an Arbonne Independent Consultant’s product sales volume and the sales volume of other Arbonne Independent Consultants on their team.
3. Paid back a percentage of their own personal orders, wouldn't you love to get paid just to wash your hair?
4. Tax Advantages because you're considered a home based business. write offs include: Arbonne Products purchased, Business aids, Car payment, Gas for your car, Rent, Utilities, Phone bill, Outfits, Haircuts, Ez-pass and so much more
Full-time or part-time income? You decide.

What’s In It for Me?
We’ve already told you about some of the reasons to join Arbonne as an Independent Consultant, but if you’re looking for the bottom line, here it is…
  • 35% profit on your personal retail sales 
  • 15% Preferred Client Commission on all sales to your Preferred Clients  
  • Your income increases as you promote yourself through the Arbonne Success Plan 
  • No need to carry inventory — Arbonne ships directly to your Clients  
  • FREE credit card processing for your and your Client orders 
  • Unlimited territories — Independent Consultants may sponsor and sell in any country Arbonne operates  
  • Jewelry, trips and more as recognition for your success 
  • Management programs, including life insurance  >
  • Arbonne Vice President participation in the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program 

The Advantage Is You
Knowing and loving our products are the only prerequisites for success as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Our Independent Consultants are the face of Arbonne. They are living proof of the products’ success, a trusted resource. So when your Clients look to you for service, all you have to do is look to us. The Arbonne Marketing, Distribution and Customer Service Teams give you the tools, training and programs to get you started and keep you going strong as your business grows … and grows … and grows!  
Between our effective marketing materials and free online training programs, we help keep your focus on your Clients and your team.  
For more information about our tools, training's and programs, go to  

Success…on Your Own terms 
We know you are interested in the bottom line: How much money does an Arbonne Independent Consultant make?  
That figure depends on you. With traditional jobs, your boss determines when you get a raise or get promoted. But with Arbonne, your time and efforts determine your success. You are your own boss.

You have direct control over your success! 
And, when you encourage others to realize their own dreams, your potential for income grows even more. As you leverage your time by helping to guide, mentor and train your team, you’ll be compensated as their Arbonne business grows and their sales volume increases. The more successful your team members are, the more you are rewarded. 

*Please refer to the Arbonne Success Plan and Policies & Procedures Manual for more information.