Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop Making Excuses

                                                        EVERYONE WANTS TO MAKE EXCUSES

Let's talk about some cold hard facts. Everyone wants to make money and everyone wants to be successful.  Thinking about it doesn't make it happen. You have to get off your couch and set it in motion. Stop making excuses as to why you can't "achieve" your goals. Stop saying to yourself  "I can't do this" Or "I'm too busy with work or other factors in my life" or "This wouldn't work for me". You have the ability to change your life and the lives around you. If you would only stop making EXCUSES. 

Why do you want to be continually broke? Is living paycheck to paycheck a fun lifestyle? You can have control of your life as soon as you decide to take that first step. Realize the only person holding you down is yourself. The mind is a tricky little thing. If you keep telling yourself you'll never get to where you want to be, you will do exactly that. Stopping yourself dead in your tracks. Open your eyes to possibilities and make a CHANGE.

You use Shampoo correct? Does the store you buy it from pay you back on your purchase? NOPE! But Arbonne does. Think about it! You buy lotion, perfume, protein shakes and so on ANYWAY. Why on earth are you tossing your money out the window on products that potentially cause CANCER and don't last as long? Instead, you could be getting paid back on the products you already use anyway. Has it clicked in your head yet Or are you still making excuses? 

Cancer is at an all time high. Have you even stopped to think of why that is? Take a moment to stop reading this.....Go into your bathroom and look at your labels. (I'll wait)


Product warning labels are shown for a reason. It is a fact that many manufacturers use certain questionable and controversial chemical ingredients mainly because they're CHEAP, and give the ILLUSION of working properly But more importantly for the manufacturer, they cost very little to fill the bottle, so it is a bigger profit margin for them. But residues of more than 400 toxic chemicals have been found in human blood and fat tissue. 

How much cancer, and other illnesses, are linked to chemical exposure? Sometimes it depends on which "expert" you listen to but even OSHA admits there are at least 880 variations of compounds of chemicals ( that are harmful to your nervous system) and are used in personal care products, cosmetics, and perfumes. 

This is just the beginning of the list of chemicals to avoid in products you use daily: 
1. Cocoamide DEA, diethanolamine, TEA, triethanolamine, MEA
2.  Propylene glycol, propylene oxide, polyethylene glycol
3. Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate
4.  Sodium Fluoride
5.  Mineral Oil , Petrolatum and Coal Tar
6. Parabens- These include methyl, ethyl, benzyl, propyl and butyl. 

Now, wouldn't you feel better about yourself knowing not only are you using Pure, Safe and Beneficial products, but you're also getting paid to use them? Feel free to post your excuses on the comment section

>>>>To Be Continued

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was always taught to be Self-Sufficient, Independent, Self-Motivated and to NEVER depend on anyone to help me get to where I want to be in life. I'd like to say Thank You to my loving and self empowered mother for planting those seeds in my head at a very young age. When things are always given to you, you NEVER appreciate what you have. TRUTH! 

When I wanted a car, I got a job and I paid for it myself.  It's not that my family didn't have the money to get me a car, believe me, they had plenty. It was the fact that they knew I would get more enjoyment out of purchasing it MYSELF. It might not have been the newest, fastest and most luxurious car, but it was MINE. Instead of spending my hard earned cash on coach purses, I saved till I could afford a decent car. I was proud of myself for finally being able to do things FOR myself. 

And here I am now. Years later still improving myself and wanting a better life. When opportunity knocked I ignored it 3 times. Maybe it was my own ignorance getting in the way Or maybe it was my own fear. The fear of really owning something, maybe that's what made me block out the information a dear friend was trying to give me. A year later the opportunity had presented itself once again and this time it was delivered by an acquaintance. I took a moment and thought long and hard about my decision and then my mother's words rang so clear in my head. I finally got what she really meant all along. You control your life, your ups and your downs. Life wont wait for you to be prepared for it, you MUST be prepared for life.  

The questions that I was asked: (The reason why it finally clicked in my head)

If you continue to do what you've been doing, where do you see yourself financially in 5 years?

If something unforeseen were to happen to you or your family (lay-off, illness, injury, etc) how long can you survive on your savings?

Those questions scared me. I'm sure I could call a family member for help, but I was taught to do everything on my own. I refused to even think for a second that I'd go back on everything my mother instilled in me and ask someone for help. So, I opted for a Plan B and I'm so glad that I did.

I took what I thought was a huge risk by getting involved in a company that I had no clue about. I did some investigating on my own and found out that I missed out years ago on this amazing opportunity. Now that I'm involved my life has drastically changed. I'm no longer a slave to my alarm clock. I can control how much or little I work. I have the ability to work anywhere in the world as long as I have my laptop and my phone on me. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather be sitting on a beach, drinking a cocktail while chatting with a friend on the phone than being a slave to my 9-5 job. I'm over it, the whole slave to a desk routine is something of the past. It's 2012, it's time to get involved in the wave of the future. It's here.... staring you right in the face.

All you have to do is decide if you want it. I made the right choice at the right time. You on the other hand might like getting up at 5:30am everyday for work or if you're a night shift person. You might actually enjoy living like a vampire. I on the other hand choose Freedom and the Sun :)